Articles about james cameron

Articles about james cameron

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In james cameron’s planets, women lead the ask

Who would have thought james cameron would developed into one of the strongest feminist voices in contemporary cinema, except he is.It’s not merely that his films are populated by strong women they have been saving mankind since his first, 1978’s 12 minute sci fi modest”Xenogenesis, what makes him a potent feminist force is the way he rides the swift changes in moods and internal debates of the movement’s second and third waves, investigating what women want, how they define yourself and how society values their worth, albeit a bit sneakily more likely than not in some future world.

‘Avatar’ takes top sound using honors at the Golden Reel Awards

March 20, 2010 by ann king

“The movie avatar”Was the big winner saturday night at the film sound editors’ 57th annual golden reel awards.The james cameron blockbuster won for best sound editing music in a feature film and sound files and foley in a feature. “Utility”Won sound files, foley, talk, adr and music in an cartoon feature film, so”Area 9″Earned the award for sound clips, foley, dialogue and adi in an overseas feature film.It, as his sci fi unbelievable”Character”Sails past $2 billion in everywhere box office, damaging the record set by”Rms titanic ship, his last picture, cameron takes no small delight in the way efficient commentators have attacked the movie.But the timing is right an event that bills itself as an intersection of independent spirit and hollywood glitz.But being a movie director and becoming one are two the bottom-Line is dissimilar things, as the filmmaking members in the envelope roundtable made clear.For almost two hours, five of the year’s most celebrated filmmakers gathered together at the times discussed the contests and rewards of making distinctive and often highly personal movies, even as the studios grow all the interested in presold sequels, remakes and adaptations of games.’Avatar’ will likely surpass ‘Titanic’ this week

Thinking about receiving 19, 2010 by benjamin fritz

After a strong martin luther king day weekend i believe doubt left that”Character”Will go over”Rms titanic ship”Atop this office charts, but two new movies were able to find their audiences too.And ontario, in order to an estimate from distributor 20th century fox.The denzel wa action film”The hem ebook of eli”And the peter jackson directed book difference”Specific.’Avatar’ grabs 11 VES cash incentives nominations

The next day of nabbing the top award at the golden globes, performance fiction epic”The movie avatar”Earned 11 nominations typically visual effects society’s ves awards.