If it shows up on eBay some place, somebody let me know

Dans le cas de Gomez, c’est plus dlicat. Son cap hit pour les trois prochaines annes est de 7 357 143 $. Par contre, le cap hit en cas de rachat s’tendrait sur 6 ans de la manire suivante : anne 1 = 1 801 587 $, anne 2 = 3 801 587 $, anne 3 = 4 801 587 $, anne 4 = 1 944 444 $, anne 5 = 1 944 444 $, anne 6 = 1 944 444 $.

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Needing a change of scenery, Llewyn hitches a lift to Chicago with jazz veteran Roland Turner (John Goodman) and Beat poet Johnny Five (Garrett Hedlund), who doubles as the older man’s valet. They stop at a diner, where Roland collapses from a heroin overdose and Johnny is arrested when he back chats to a cop who tries to move them along. Unable to get back into the car, Llewyn leaves the stray feline with Roland and presses on to the Windy City, where he auditions for Bud Grossman (F.

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