Innocent Innuendo: The idea behind Flat Games in “Leaky Roof”

Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Milton is a Christian, and he intentionally avoids using profanity in his comedy routines. Hurricane of Puns: Basically his entire career. It seems to have worked quite well. Messy Hair: Oh yes. If you see an interview of him WITHOUT the messy hair he instantly looks different. Obfuscating Stupidity: Don’t let the Cloud Cuckoo Lander stage persona fool you. He’s clearly switched on and aware of what’s happening whenever he performs. Older Than They Look: He was born on May 16th 1964, which makes him 52 as of 2016. He doesn’t look 52 (although he has aged noticably in the past few years). Pungeon Master: Very much so. Stealth Pun: For some of Milton’s gags, he’ll trail off before he gets to the punchline. What Do You Mean, It Wasn’t Made on Drugs?: With his appearance and tendencies to say random non sequiturs, I wouldn’t be surprised (See page quote) wholesale replica designer handbags The Forum says it measures productivity; so why not call it a productivity index?Because an index that reflects neither growth nor investment nor exports can hardly claim to be measuring competitiveness.Emerging markets often suffer in sundry rankings because of high levels of perceived corruption.But Germany’s ranking actually improved after Volkswagen confessed to massive, organised, company wide cheating on the level of emissions of its diesel engines.Nor has Switzerland, which has prospered for decades by providing a safe haven for money stolen from poor Third Worlders, suffered on any corruption score.It depends, of course, on what you mean by corruption, and whose definition it is.The history of Moody’s India ratings tells its own story.The ratings were at their best in the late 1980s, when the country was rated A2 (upper medium grade, below high grade) before the signs of a foreign exchange crisis led to a downgrade in October 1990 to Baa1, then to Baa3 six months later.This was lower medium but still investment grade, though the Chandra Shekhar government had fallen, had been unable to present the Budget, and was therefore in no position to honour the commitments given to the International Monetary Fund for a loan that had been negotiated.It was only three months later, in June 1991, that Moody’s pushed the country below investment grade, to Ba2 perhaps because Rajiv Gandhi had been assassinated in the middle of the elections and political uncertainty had been piled on top of a payments crisis.On any reckoning, Moody’s was well behind the curve then, as indeed it continued to be because it did not upgrade India for another three years, when by any yardstick the economy had been rescued from crisis long before.The point of this long ramble is that ratings are not the last word on anything sometimes they are unfair, at other times they flatter to deceive.In general, to the extent that ratings have started showing India in a somewhat better light, one should take it as a reflection of India’s improved macro economic standing and its incremental reforms. wholesale replica designer handbags

fake bags wholesale replica bags Absurdly High Stakes Game: The Big Game in “Twenty One, You’re Dead”. It’s a Deadly Game where basically, if you lose Blackjack, you get a bullet to the head. Activist Fundamentalist Antics: Spoons seems to prefer this method. Adobe Flash Alien Invasion: Turns out they just wanted to win the hot dog contest, but invasion, that’s a good idea. Anal Probing: Leo: “Hey, remember me? You guys gave me an anal probe.” Aliens: “You’ll have to be more specific. Bad Future: Really bad. Jack starts the apocalypse. He must soon travel back in time to kill himself. Bank Robbery: Leo and Bobby are displeased with how “unreal” a heist movie they watch is, and decide they can do a better job. So, they hire some professionals and go for it. Leo: “They’ll never see it coming!” wholesale replica bags

high quality replica handbags Gratuitous Foreign Language: The Quick Fire Round jingle in “Make The Bed” is sung, non fluently, in various languages. Helium Speech: The Flat Games round in “Thermostat” revolves around this trope. Nearly all the panellists ended up speaking in squeaky voices (see What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? below). In Case You Forgot Who Wrote It Incredibly Long Note: The long, drawn out note is a staple of the Quick Fire Round jingles, bar most of the series 2 ones. This was taken to extremes in “Rubbish”, when they invited a trained opera singer to participate in that jingle. Aside from the Quick Fire Round, some of the rounds do occasionally involve the panelists having to hold out notes to secure a win. A notable example happened in “Mouse”, when Olly Mann held his note for so long that afterwards he pointed out nobody needed to question who won that round. Innocent Innuendo: The idea behind Flat Games in “Leaky Roof”. The panellists were given more points if they managed to make clean words sound dirty. Jingle: Each round has its own jingle. One of the jingles, I Wikipedia ed Windows, even has an accompanying video. Lamp Shade Hanging: The opening sketch for “Council Tax”. Tom and Ben complain that they always have to fix the problems, and threaten to revolt unless Matthew does something. It’s short lived, as Matthew proceeds to hypnotise them, summarises the structure of all their opening sketches, and subdues them into never revolting again before snapping them out of hypnotism. Also in “Council Tax”, during the Quick Fire Round jingle, Tom points out that he always does the singing and forces Ben to swap places with him. Bearing in mind that Tom is the only member of Pappy’s who can’t play the guitar, you can imagine how that jingle ended. Large Ham: Tom, at times. Taken Up to Eleven with Fanshawe Standon. Loads and Loads of Characters: Most of their guests have only made one appearance over the entirety of the podcast’s run. So far, there have been over 55 guests in total to appear on the podcast. Loophole Abuse: Used by Barry from Watford in “Wash The Car”, when that episode’s Round One is a timed version of Twenty Questions about famous Bens. Matthew states the rule that the panellists can ask as many questions as they want to work out which Ben they are guessing, and the first question Barry asks is:Barry: Is it Ben Elton high quality replica handbags.

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