It’s about knowing what to say and do when your kid is at risk

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high quality replica handbags It’s about creating a culture of empathy. It’s about knowing what to say and do when your kid is at risk, monitoring (without spying), and knowing the difference between bullying and behavior that is ‘kids being kids.’ “When online abuse goes viral, it doesn’t mean the pain is virtual and the solution isn’t one size fits all.Scholar Danah Boyd writes about the importance of nuance in addressing online bullying in her book “It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens.””Blaming technology or assuming that conflict will disappear if technology usage is minimized is naive,” she writes (PDF). “Recognizing where teens are at and why they engage in particular acts of meanness and cruelty is important to creating interventions that work.”But parents don’t have to do it alone.Resources on A Platform for Good can help guide conversations with teens about their digital reputation. high quality replica handbags

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