Kingdom Hearts & Zelda Webmasters required

Zelda and Kingdom HeartsFinal Fantasy Net is readying itself for two new network sites, one covering the increasingly popular Kingdom Hearts series, and another covering the Legend of Zelda series.

The reason we are posting this is because we are looking for at least two webmasters with expertise in these two fields to help run these Web sites. In our previous experience, submitting news like this has gained a huge response from our readers who seem happy to help and want their own site, who write superb applications but then lack the follow-through when they are called upon. It is therefore vital we point out exactly what we’re looking for, and that you read through this page prior to applying so that we don’t get 100s of useless emails.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Users with experience writing in a coherent and intelligent manner.
  • Users with the ability to discuss either the Kingdom Hearts or Legend of Zelda series at lenght.
  • Some Web design skills would be useful, but if you have none that can be worked around. You do NOT require HTML knowledge.
  • People who like the idea of running a Web site over a lenghty period of time. It’s not going to be successful overnight, though with the support of FFNet, it should become large quite quickly.
  • Dedicated helpers.
  • Well mannered and polite people.
  • We are not looking for those who:

  • Are not 100% sure they wish to help.
  • Have no knowledge or little knowledge of either series.
  • Are unpleasant and cocky people.
  • Can offer graphics help, but not written content.
  • Do not work well with others.
  • If you meet the former criteria and avoid the latter, you may well be a candidate to run either of our new sites.

    You may now be wondering what’s in it for you!?

    Well, here is a little list:

  • The satisfaction of having a Web site hosted on top-quality Web servers, with a top-quality domain name.
  • Long-term helpers may in time be offered some financial contribution as appreciation of your efforts.
  • Instant exposure as part of the Final Fantasy Net Network.
  • The ability to run a Web site without any graphic / HTML / FTP knowledge.
  • So, if you’re at all interested, drop me an email giving me as much information about you as possible. Include experience, age, and a piece of written content (preferably of atleast 500 words). This written work does not have to be related to the subject, we’re just looking for your writing style — school essays are fine!

    The email to send enquiries to is:

    Many thanks.

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