Lucky for two reasons: one, Purkey is a native and knows the

related website I am lucky to be getting one of Malcolm’s famous cultural tours of Jo’burg. Lucky for two reasons: one, Purkey is a native and knows the city intimately; and two, he is an utterly fascinating person with such a rich professional story that I feel like I’ve been dropped inside one of the history of theatre textbooks I use in my college classrooms. Throughout his forty year career, Malcolm’s artistic life has been indelibly tied to his political consciousness as a South African citizen there is no separating the “art” from the “politics” or his artmaking from his social practice. He began his career at the Nunnery and Junction Avenue theatres in the 1970s, where he worked with other activists to challenge apartheid and developed a workshop methodology for mixed race ensembles to create socially engaged material. Now in his mid 60s, he currently serves as Dean of the Johannesburg branch of the AFDA School of Film, Television and Performance while continuing to write and direct new work. His list of awards is too long for this essay, but you can check it out here. As we wander through the building Malcolm greets former colleagues he was the Artistic Director here from 2005 to 2013 and is still actively involved as a visiting director. In between greetings he offers me two important facts about the Market Theatre’s history:

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wholesale replica designer handbags Aborted Arc: So. Nastenka is favored over Marfushka by a suitor. This causes the Wicked Stepmother to banish Nastenka. However, what happened to the suitor and his mother? Did they suddenly lose interest in Nastenka? Obviously, Nastenka was never interested in the suitor. She loved Ivan. Adaptation Expansion: The original fairy tale only covered Morozko rescuing and rewarding the Nastenka character for refusing help even while freezing to death, and him later punishing her stepsister for trying to trick him. Advertised Extra: Jack Frost doesn’t show up until an hour into the film and even then he isn’t in it for very long. Aesop Amnesia: Played for laughs. After being a terribble braggart for much of the film, Ivan finally learns his lesson and then proceeds to boast about how humble he is. It takes Nastenka joking about seeing a tuft of bear fur growing on his cheek to remind him he’s falling back into old habits. Aesop Enforcer: Father Mushroom blatantly plays Enforcer to Ivan by turning him into a bear. Affectionate Parody: While the film has serious moments, it’s also an unabashed comedy that parodies typical Russian fairytale plots and stock Russian fairytale characters in a good natured way (hence the somewhat Fantasy Kitchen Sink approach). Animorphism: Ivan being turned into a bear. According to the Russian Wikipedia, this is a pun on another Russian fairytale, Ivan the Bear’s Son. Beauty Equals Goodness: To an extreme degree. Nastenka is shown to be gorgeous, gentle, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, and goes out of her way to not inconvenience anybody no matter what the consequences to herself will be. Meanwhile, her stepsister and Wicked Stepmother are portrayed as ugly, rude, abusive, and selfish. “Blind Idiot” Translation: The dialogue for the English dubbed version is a direct translation with any clunky translations left intact. Brick Joke: The bandits’ cudgels. Ivan tricks them and throws their weapons in the air at the beginning of the film, promising the cudgels will come down “sometime next winter.” Cut to them attacking him again next winter. the cudgels come back down, and knock out all of the bandits. Bullying a Dragon: Marfushka meets up with the Anthropomorphic Personification of freezing to death, and immediately starts talking smack to him, even knocking him on his ass. She got off easy in the movie, only being beaten and humiliated instead of killed. Canine Companion: Nastenka’s dog. Cats Are Mean: Baba Yaga’s cat, who tricks Nastenka into getting herself frozen. Though Nastenka was dense enough to reach out and touch the magical ice staff that she knew froze people when the cat just walked past it, so it’s hard to pin all the blame on the cat. Lampshaded in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 cut:Mike: (as the cat) “Alright, score! I thought it was gonna take weeks to do that!” wholesale replica designer handbags.

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