Medieval European Fantasy: Inferia is pretty much this way

Forbidden Fruit: The reasoning behind Dorian’s initial attraction to Celaena. Hope Bringer: The revolutionaries view Aelin Galathynius as this. Nehemia’s people also view her as this. Normally nice, he can become very, very dangerous when angry. Shout Out: see the subpage. Sitcom Arch Nemesis: Kerubim and Indie kinda hate each other or so they say, but most episodes, especially when they’re older, have them forced to work together. Happens more than once in Detective Conan, with the most spectacular case being the Diplomat Murder Case. The villain, Isao, fancied a lady named Kimie. Kimie was Happily Married to Yamashiro, Isao’s rival. The Man Behind the Man: Here, it’s ‘The god behind the woman behind the man’. Magical Incantation Market Based Title: Justified due to trademark reasons, but things got confusing when Tales of Destiny got a direct sequel. Medieval European Fantasy: Inferia is pretty much this way, but this is not the case with Celestia.

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