Much of the fake tobacco smuggled into Scotland is made in

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replica hermes Earlier this month, the Record revealed how fake cigarettes laced with radioactive material were intercepted in Poland.The counterfeit fags were found to contain strontium 90, a radioactive isotope produced when atomic weapons explode.Britain is a prime target for tobacco smugglers partly because of our tax on cigarettes, which is among the highest in Europe.Customs officers at Warsaw airport found the cigarettes hidden in a container of frozen crabs.The container had been packed in Vietnam, where millions of counterfeit cigarettes bound for the British black market are produced.Much of the fake tobacco smuggled into Scotland is made in Vietnam and routed through eastern Europe.And crooks are now turning to the anonymity of the internet and setting up fake profiles on social media sites such as Facebook to advertise their dodgy cigs.But experts warn that the fact it is being offered by untraceable sources means it is potentially far more harmful than regulated tobacco.The crooks involved, who are at the bottom of the criminal food chain, travel across the UK to target particular areas.Villains set up fake Facebook profiles from untraceable mobiles and pass the phones and contraband on to “mules” to sell.The crooks then join local “for sale” groups and post ads.Others are then given the mobile and a bag of fake tobacco. Once people contact them they will arrange to complete the deal in a neutral place such as a pub or car park, or even post the fakes out.The sellers are the last part of a chain that sees criminal gangs grow the tobacco in the Far East, often on contaminated land.The goods are then shipped across Asia and Europe before gangs organise its reception and distribution in Scotland.Most criminals at each stage of the operation are not known to each other.One Facebook message seen by the Record indicated that people have been stung in the past by buying poor quality counterfeit tobacco.It says: “Amber Leaf for Sale. Great deals cheap. Amber Leaf tobacco, very fresh. Isn’t sht like the cheap stuff that smells of chocolate replica hermes.

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