Nearly 5,000 industry workers rallied outside one of

Although Vancouver still attracts high profile movies and television shows, including A recently launched “Bates Motel,” the city is rapidly losing its perch as one of the industry’s busiest production hubs as it faces rising competition from cities in eastern Canada and south of the border.The city that pioneered the use of film incentives now finds itself struggling to compete with emerging rivals offering stronger tax credits and rebates. The industry also has been spooked by the return April 1 of a provincial sales tax that had previously exempted film productions.PHOTOS: Hollywood Backlot momentsAs a result, film activity in Vancouver fell to its lowest level in recent memory in the first quarter, leaving many soundstages empty and thousands of crew members struggling to find work.The situation has caused widespread anxiety in Vancouver and has become a key issue in British Columbia’s provincial elections that will be decided May 14. Nearly 5,000 industry workers rallied outside one of Vancouver’s largest soundstages in January, demanding that the current provincial government beef up its film credit.

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