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Our lovely forum!!

Posted by Miss Lockheart On February - 17 - 2011

To one and all,

Currently our forum is undergoing some renovations, as it has been neglected for some time and needs to be updated to the same level this main site eventually will be. Our standards will become much higher once the necessary investments have been made and re-opened to you all.

For the time being the registration system is being overseen by myself. If you would like to make an account on the forum then please contact me at enclosing the username you would like. I will then deal with your registration personally. Any comments you’d like to leave about our forum will be greatly welcome.

Thank you for your ongoing patience!!

Miss Lockheart

Forum :


Posted by Morgana On February - 13 - 2011

Ladies and gentlemen of Last night, the forums were down due to some server issues, along with many of the other sites listed on our server. Myself, along with several others, started work on a new forum, listed at

We were under the impression that the site was closing, and that the domain name was nonrenewable. However, Alex Sains has indeed renewed the site. For those of you who have been following the developments, this is magnificent news. Long live!

Morgana Taylor

Final Fantasy Net back soon

Posted by Alex Sains On December - 28 - 2008

Apologies for the disappearance of Final Fantasy Net, we’ll hopefully be back up properly in a few days.

Thanks for your patience.


The Kingdom Hearts!

Posted by Alex Sains On June - 24 - 2007

The Kingdom Hearts

Welcome to our brand new network site, The Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Net’s brand new affiliate! The site is to be run by myself, Alex, Kota (a content writer for Kingdom Hearts 3), Endless, Xaldin (of fame), and Brad. It will cover Kingdom Hearts news and content for all the Kingdom Hearts series.

The website will also provide access to brand new forums, which will be launched in the near future. If you’d like to read the site, go ahead and visit

For those who own Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy sites, please feel free to email us after reading the affiliation information!

So, we here at the Panic Network hope you full enjoy your time on The Kingdom – your number one KH2, KH3, and CoM source!

The future of Final Fantasy Net

Posted by Alex Sains On June - 17 - 2007

As most of our loyal readers, and indeed those who are simply observant of the times and dates of our news and page postings will have noticed, Final Fantasy Net has not been “the #1 Final Fantasy reference” recently. Quite a few reasons for this, which I wont bore you with. This kind of news posting normally means, though, that either the site is closing, or is going to be revamped. FFNet is seeking the latter!

A lot of time has recently been spent on KH3, rather than FFNet, and as such, I feel particularly guilty. FFNet has lost it’s status on the top of the Google searches, and is now on the second page. This annoys me greatly! Moreover, the lack of real care going into the site is awful. It deserves more attention, and so when I return from Paris on Wednesday, expect to see new changes.

We’re going to change the design at some point in the near future, change the integration of the news, and add more content. Exciting stuff, eh?

If you’d like to help out with the new content, add me to MSN:, and we can talk it out.

I will fill you in on more Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Net news soon.

Our lovely forum!!

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Final Fantasy Net back soon

Posted by Alex Sains
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