New projects in 2007 for Nomura

There has been recent speculation that there would be important announcements by Square-Enix legend (and in his own time, too) Tetsuya Nomura as to the expansion of the Kingdom Hearts series, though it’s been unclear what this expansion would be. According to the increasingly reputable QuickJournal, there has been an interview with Tetsuya Nomura pertaining to the titles being released and worked on in 2007. Whether this means Kingdom Hearts titles only or brand new Final Fantasy games, we are not sure.

We already knew about Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy Versus 13 for the PlayStation 3, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 for the Sony PSP, but Nomura refuses to give much away about what exactly the new projects are.

Maybe it’s going to be time for Kingdom Hearts III, or a DS or PSP game in the KH series. Moreover, it might be that the Final Fantasy XIII series – Fabula Nova Crystallis – might have further games added to the line-up.

We are left to speculate our early 2007 hearts out about what the Square future holds, but in the meantime,

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