Nora Vidler Blanksby, co ordinator of the Community Visitors

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hermes bags replica Am encouraging each and every household in the region to get some of this fantastic merchandise and wear your heart on your sleeve, or chest! Mayor Dowell said. Is a great feeling about being proud of this place that has got heart and soul.Lismore and Nimbin Tourism launched their new branding yesterday to community members and stakeholders, following 12 months of discussions and designs of new logos and merchandise.Lismore City Council Tourism Co ordinator Mitch Lowe said the new Heart of the Northern Rivers and More than you can imagine brands have been designed locally and referenced the already successful Come to the Heart brand.Heart of the Northern Rivers brand complements the existing Lismore city centre brand and highlights to visitors that Lismore is the commercial, shopping and sporting heart of the Northern Rivers, offering stand out facilities across all of those service areas, Mitch said. More than you can imagine brand aims to highlight the diversity and vibrancy of the village to visitors.Nora Vidler Blanksby, co ordinator of the Community Visitors Scheme for the Lismore Neighbourhood Centre, who modelled some of the merchandise on the day, said she is supportive of anything promoting the region.isn just about preaching to the converted but getting geared to be seen everywhere, across the state and nation, Nora said.The range of new merchandise incorporating the Lismore and Nimbin logos include shirts Replica Hermes, hats, drink bottles, shopping bags, pens, stickers and umbrellas and is now available at both the Lismore Visitor Information Centre on the corner of Ballina Road and Molesworth Street and the Nimbin Visitor Information Centre at 46 Cullen Street, Nimbin.Mitch said together the brands aim to highlight that this is a destination region offering a wide range of interesting and exciting things to see and do.would also love to see people in the community get on board and proudly show their support by wearing this merchandise, Mitch said hermes bags replica.

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