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‘End found on earth as we know Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets it’

After his eponymously named lab uncovered flame,”The most leading-Edge cyber weapon yet unleashed, eugene kaspersky believes which a evolving threat of”Internet terrorism”Could spell the terminal on earth as we know it.

Doomsday scenarios are a common incident in 2012, but from the steely eyed realist like eugene kaspersky, his concerns a global effort to halt emerging cyber threats should raise alarm bells.

“It cyber war, it’s online terrorism, and i’m afraid the game is just start point.Fastly, many countries over the world will know it beyond a shadow of a doubt, kaspersky told reporters at a tel aviv school cyber security conference.

“I’m afraid it will be the end on the planet as we know it, he cautioned. “I’m worried, trust me,

His stark warning came soon after study workers at kaspersky lab unearthed flame, most likely the most complex cyber threat ever.While the espionage toolkit infected systems across the center east, iran has been its primary target.

Flame seems to be a extension of stuxnet, the newest infrastructure sabotaging computer worm that made mincemeat of iran’s uranium enrichment facility at natanz in 2009 2010.

As flame is capable of recording audio via a mic, shifting screen shots, turning bluetooth enabled computers into beacons to download names and unlisted cell phone from other bluetooth enabled devices, kaspersky is sure that a nation station is behind the cyber espionage virus.

While kaspersky says that the states, great the uk, the indian subcontinent, israel, china and russia are among the countries capable of gaining such software, which he estimates cost $100 million to build, he did not limit the threat to the telltale states.

“Even those countries that do not yet have the info expertise[to brew a virus like flame] can employ men with vision or kidnap them, or head for hackers for help,

Just similar to stuxnet, flame attacks windows systems.Taking a look at this reality, kaspersky must have been emphatic: “Software that manages industrial systems or transportation or power grids or air traffic must be based on secure systems.We’ve moved beyond microsoft, a linux systemunix or unix,

Kaspersky believes with time from cyber war to cyber terrorism comes from the indiscriminate nature of cyber weapons.Like a modern day pandora’s box, flame and http://www.milagrofilms.ca/ other styles of malware cannot be controlled upon release.Confronted with a replicating threat that knows no national boundaries, cyber weapons can take down infrastructure throughout the globe, hurting scores of innocent victims in the act.

Kaspersky believes that it necessary to view cyber weapons with seriousness as chemical, natural and even nuclear threats.Mutually assured break down should exclude them from the arsenals of nation states.

The apocalyptic scenario he painted is fit for the big screen.Not strange then, that it was a film that converted him to the notion that cyber terrorism was a clear and present danger.

By his own entry, kaspersky watched the 2007 film live free or die hard with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigarette in an additional shouting: “Why are you letting them know[how to work on this],

The film’s plot involves an nypd detective played by bruce willis, fighting a gang of cyber terrorists who are targeting fbi desktops.

“Sooner than die hard 4.0, The expression cyber terrorism was a taboo in my company.It couldn’t be uttered aloud or discussed with the media.I attempted to keep the pandora’s box closed.Once film hit the screens, i terminated that ban, kaspersky confessed.