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Last night big brother 12 filled us in the bulk of the happenings that many of us may have missed on the live feeds.Particularly the diary room sessions.Let’s begin with brendon’s pandora’s box offer.

We got to see so what on earth went on when brendon opened pandora’s box.It was sad to see that he truly thought that he would definitely get to see rachel that day and that he would be spending a day at the spa with her, when in fact he wasn’t heading for.

Brendon enjoyed on his own none the less, however, really missed rachel.That little sexy video he got to see of her whilst in the hoh room, made his decision to open pandora’s box without delay an easy one, but then without a doubt, he didn’t know that he wouldn’t be seeing her.

Use, brendon started out pandora’s box, got to spend 24 hours at a spa locating a nice massage, alone time bright day(As if he doesn’t have enough alone time the)And a cast”Fit for that king,

Rachel, but then, entered the big brother 12 house with a vengeance and we got to see more than the live feeds showed using the services of her massive blow up fight with ragan, which seemed to continue.If you saw her face after the last slandering rampage that ragan discovered on her, you might have thought so too.

Both ragan and rachel were brutal to one another, but i think ragan did much more damage to rachel as she seemed to wonder if she handled the whole situation correctly Pandora Bracelets Canada beginning with her pretty aggressive entrance to the house.

Britney and kathy sat outside tuning in, but minding their own family based business while the boys stood by the door inside, to see what happening between rachel and ragan.

Ragan even accused rachel of slandering the gay populace.And then, she went right to the have not room to talk to ragan.This was not shown on the program wednesday night.