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Mutual associate


My wife and looking married for over ten years and(I know this is tough to believe)Have not had an argument.We are generally mature(The middle of 30s middle of the 40s)And we explore many different things sexually.Neither of us has ever had a threesome to my info, although we’ve discussed a bringing another woman into the bedroom on several occasions and i know this as an activity she’d like to try.She always said she’s open to it with any person.The face being not a complete stranger, but in addition not someone we’d ever have to see again in case it was awkward.Later on on, when i was actually approached by a mutual buddie about this exact subject, my wife was too ashamed, saying that she was not Really consumed by the woman, but i suspected it was something different.I shoved her for the”Real”Reason letting her know that if she’d be honest with me, i would drop subject of.She said she’s afraid it would ruin our marriage and i’ve never spoken of it again.Incredibly, i’m not going her fantasies or desires to go unfulfilled so i’m torn.I want her to be able to have it, but i’ve specified my word.I guess my real question for you is, must i leave it alone, or give her a chance to change her mind?I suggest breaching the topic again just to make certain Pandora Bracelets Canada your wife still holds the same position.Let her know you’ve been torn between bringing it up and honoring your promise of not doing so and the only reason you’re doing so is to ascertain she doesn’t have any unfulfilled desires.But yet, if she once again states she’s afraid such an outing would ruin your marriage and she’s adamant then you must let it go for good.If she’s open to discussion then ask her why she feels such a sexual exploration will be detrimental to the marriage.She is equipped with a valid concern, once you open pandora’s box it can be really hard to close if at all.