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(That quite serious, but you can even examine out this avatar 2 teaser if you in a prankster mood for april fool day. )

James cameron character, bringing in over $2.6 billion so far in its theatrical secretion, Is poised for home video launch on April 22, 2010, The 40th house warming of Earth Day.This blu ray dvd release will be a bones edition void of any special features.The special release is planned for november 2010, with a potential home video 3d release following in 2011.

As cameron joked at the west showmanship avatar global media day event last month, time one of my films makes a $1 billion, we leave the actual time crap off it.I hate sitting in front of[previews] at least you do.While the disc itself won’t have any special features, customers who purchase the avatar dvd on earth day will be provided a code to access bonus material online, and these avatar campaigns are to include:

Pandorama formula computer’s webcam, you definately will immerse yourself into the world of pandora, visiting different locations and reaching the elements.

Pandorapedia contemplate this as pandora official tourist guide, where it is to access hundreds of facts about cameron’s fictional extraterrestrial moon.

The website will Also provide instAnt Access to detAils About All things AvAtAr(Newsfeeds, one-Of-A-Kind content and social network updates)As well as a way to adopt one of the million trees 20th century fox will help plant to promote the dvd’s earth day release.The avatar dvd is presently readily designed for pre order at amazon.

(Moreover, this column corresponding in paris feature wasn a Milagrofilms joke, any, and it arriving from soon, a touch as well,)

Are you a sex and baltimore 2 fan?

If that’s, please ensure that you enter the satc2 premiere and travel contest before april 30!

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