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Of course the pair were, just like pratically every other terrorist group that’s been about in the 20th and 21st century.The us created the idea of the fully paid up terrorist, be they in south usa, upper ireland, the african continent, centre Pandora Bracelets Canada east, paris, sth asia.The list really is endless.They opened up the pandora box of state funded terrorism.That they can smiled, laughed and think it is a great tool, until it came back to haunt regarding al qaeda, who found a capable resolution financial backer and organiser.Fifty, old routines die hard, and it doesn’t matter what anyone wants to do about it in the us, the cia just carries on with only one state funding of terrorism, lying even to its own administration.A monster spinning out of hand, without a doubt!And the cheapest bit;These athletes naive ones, who ramble on precisely the us can’t organise terrorists, can’t rank subversive ngos, well they are not struggling here are they, luckily they are not struggling to organise a couple of illegal invasions and a 500 billion dollar defense budget.Its laughable when you hear the whinging and moaning that the us can’t be doing this, they are not capable, when every one knows they’ve been doing it for over 100 years and continue to do it.