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By way of lehman to olympus, from mortgage bonds to sovereign debt the global audit clients are in the eye of a storm.In an effort to enhance auditor independence, objectivity and top quality skepticism, the general public company accounting oversight board in the us and the in europe have proposed big changes to the way audit firm’s function joint audits, auditor spinning, and audit only agencies.Payaswini upadhyay learns what’s on the anvil!

28 years that’s the average auditor tenure for the 100 largest American companies by market capital.For best 500, this number holders at 21.In most european member states, the big 4 audit rrn excess of 85% of listed companies.They have watched in horror as institutions and companies thought to be sound have declines an in some cases gone out of existence.They have watched in horror as the economy has gone down and they wonder what about our financial reporting system, how could it took us, without warning does this mean that our economic climate reporting needs to be improved,

The pcaob in the states, and the of course think so.Secondly inject a lot more dynamism, tournament into the audit market, and thirdly improve the way it is as regards the internal market in audit and to reinforce supervision in this sector,

So how to define these big changes from the eu?One compulsory audit firm rotation after every six years, with a 4 year cool down period before the same firm is appointed again.In the event of a joint audit, where a company appoints quite a few auditor, a 9 year audit term has been consist of.In america alone, the pcaob concept paper suggests absolutely paramount audit firm rotation every 10 years.

But experts are not confident these changes will act as intended.

Sean peterson

Professor risk leadership, as well as college of chicago law school”Where sales has tested joint audits the users have elected against it that’s the history in scandinavia.There isn’t indication that the user community finds value in t he joint audit process.One more area is mandatory rotation.The only significant market in which it has been tried is italy where there have been two adverse consequences one is higher concentration of the audit market at the upper end of the large firms and the other Cheap Pandora Charms Canada one is the recent catastrophe of parmalat which was both a joint audit and a mandated rotation now if that is so to be made for either one of those, then its without fair to say that the case is not made, friend, willkie farr gallagher”Businesses, it is not a happy idea and the reason is the potential disruption.The notion here is that you’ve one auditor on tuesday and the rule kicks in and you’ve got to have a different auditor on wednesday.If you’re a smaller company with operations in an city, single united states yeah, that does not sound so bad.If you’re a international conglomerate, say in a 110 other companies, then you are preaching about a potential significant disruption and at all levels.At the top you’ve got the audit committee which looks to the auditor as an important source of real info and suddenly you’ve got a new auditor on the ground who knows less than what the audit committee does.At another end, at the walk out, you’ve got operating people who have been reaching auditors in this hypothetical 110 different countries now they’ve got a new auditor who ahs to learn the systems, people so those are some significant downsides businesses,

But the eu has grabbed a totally bull by the horns, by trying to dilute the power of the big 4 in europe.The commission has suggested that contracts between companies and organizations, like card issuers, be reviewed so that clauses in these deals limiting a company’s choice of audit firm be removed.Invest it away from them, will they feel the need to compensate through other risk management devices for eg raising the charges for compensating for the amount of perceived increase in risk.Does which means that borrowing costs go up?Does that mean we pay higher prices of interest because of the proposals.I don’t know but that you should part of the discussion,

The other big change that could possibly shake up the company plan of the big 4 is the commission’s proposal of audit only firms.The suggestions is that audit firms cannot provide non audit services to audit clients.The ec feels there is a conflict of interest when a statutory auditor is also with regard to non audit work like tax advisory services, designing risk tools systems, value, and actuarial legal expertise.But few people agrees.