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Droid x pros and cons

Droid x pros and Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets cons

Full reviewi couldn’t wait to obtain the droid x.Panoramic 4.3 inch screen with 720p HD Video 8 MP Camera with duel LCD Flash and a SnapDragon 1 GiG brand.Ooooh baby was i glad.Right after it came in the mail i ripped open the box like a 8 year old boy on christmas morning.While holding this beauty in my hands i began to brainstorm all the evil and glorious things i would do with the power with neglect of accountability with such a toy.If you are considering me abusing the open source android operating system then you are dead on your preminision my friend.I now not pay for internet, cable and home voice.I use my droid to network the house, stream my video on demand, recognise music, and look into the web, all for $30 bux a month and completely the cord less.You know me is it worth it?The answer is an easy”Duh, with an app store that promises the world of possibilities for your use you can’t go wrong with the beautiful droid x.Seed an iphone?In closingoverall if you haven’t realized the choices of an android operating phone and how it can improve your life then you need to buy a clue.It costs around $200 with a 2 year contract and if used properly will pay for itself basically.