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Diy jewelry brings crafts to your front door

Diy jewelry brings crafts to your front door

The diy industry has stepped up its game recently with a slew of projects by local entrepreneurs who are putting the look and design of their fashionable pieces firmly at the disposal of consumers.

It shojuld not be a surprise that diy projects are the next Pandora Bracelets Canada startup space to experience a revival.Like skinny jeans ideas presented old is now new again.

The latest fashion trend has been fully embraced and headed by dara frydman, 28, who owns designher co.She and her part-Time staff have long hosted diy classes at their west end studio in the bathurst area.They’ve recently branched out to at home delivery of jewelry kits for canadians eager to make their own different pieces in the comfort of their own home.

“I feel like the kits are targeted for somebody who has a busy Milagrofilms lifestyle and would love to have a hobby or create their jewelry but don’t have the time to look for all the materials, states. “And other than it’s a fun item,

The fashion grad is eager to show generation x of fashionistas and designers how easy it is to create custom pieces which i can attest to is quite doable when every thing you need comes in one handy package.

Each month consumers who sign up for the $19 a month registration will receive a package in the mail containing the jewelry and accessories they’ll need to craft their featured item.

Although frydman has seen her business climb to new heights lately(On account of a new indiegogo campaign)She’s very practical about her success and is firmly of the mindset that entrepreneurs must be dedicated to their business to make it, which implies long days and little sleep.

“This is going to sound cheesy but you have to be obsessed with whatever business you’re running.I can’t tell you how many long nights i’ve had working at a shop, states with a laugh.

Frydman tells anyone who will enjoy”Continue to work hard and smarter”At their big business. “That you must work hard and smart.People overlook that it’s a tough journey(Being your own private boss).

“The roller coaster can take a toll and if you’re not prepared or in denial it can often be difficult.If you’re at the bottom of the journey you have to remind yourself that it’s got to go up again,