Phallic Weapon: Loveless’s rather phallic disc blade launcher

Meaningful Name: The Ant Hill Mob, because their a Hive Mind. Meta Origin: The Butcher Shop. Ms. Jerkass: Reggie Berold, Brenda’s Bastard Boyfriend. Karma Houdini: General Attila gets off scot free for killing refugees and starving his people, with his only punishment being a scar on his face from Wonder Man. Love Triangle: Brenda felt in love for Wonder Man, who was Fred Carson in disguise.

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Time Skip: A 10 year skip happens 3 times during the story. The Unfavorite: Merthin designed a full safe bridge, became a wealthy builder, and made riches unfathomable by most in the town. His father only cares whether or not Ralph becomes a knight again.

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Ambiguously Gay: Initially, it was shown that Etta seems to have a thing for Barbara, though that might just be her being sarcastic. It was later established that, yes, they were in a relationship. Animal Motif: The gods appear to Diana as the animals they were usually represented by in mythology.

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