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SubmitPlace an AdPost a JobSell a Car Tributes HomeEDWARD J. POLLANDER SREmail VERNON TOWNSHIP Edward J. Pollander Sr., 82, died Wednesday, March 2, 2011, at St. Third year Juris Doctor student Zeb Holmes Baer (BA ’13 MA ’14) is equally enthusiastic. “It was really beneficial working with psych students,” he says. “I found out about a lot of research that I wouldn’t otherwise have had any knowledge of, like the uncertainty of eyewitness evidence, mistaken identification, false memories, false confessions things I might not have thought to question.”.

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Has done a great job for us this year, Boughton said. Hasn been asked to score a whole lot like the other girls, but she kind of does all the little things that are unseen in the stats. Andre, Kate Seyer and Celine Sabbagh are among those that play key roles off the bench and give the Ramblers even more options offensively.

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