Shout Out: In universe, Jim’s parents named him James Moriarty

Repulsive Ringmaster: Mr. Dark is the creepy, Deal with the Devil making ringmaster of the Circus of Fear. Right Under Their Noses: At one point, Will and Jim hide under a grate in full view of the carnival because no one will think of looking for them in such an obvious place. Satanic Archetype: Mr. Dark, who preys on people’s insecurities and offers them their greatest desire, only to take control of them. Shout Out: In universe, Jim’s parents named him James Moriarty Nightshade. Spiritual Successor: To Dandelion Wine, long before it received an official sequel in the form of Farewell Summer. The three books collectively are unofficially known as the “Green Town Trilogy”. Spooky Silent Library: Charles Halloway is the custodian of the town library. The boys seek out his knowledge and help, and wind up hiding from the carnival there. A Storm Is Coming: The novel opens with a lightning rod salesman warning of the coming storm. Taken for Granite: One of the Dust Witch’s powers. Title Drop: “By the pricking of my thumbs / Something wicked this way comes” Villainous Breakdown: Mr. Dark has several, but the big one comes when Charles Halloway sees straight through his final attempt to win, being rendered near speechless with rage. We Can Rule Together: Mr. Dark: You’ll travel with us, Jim, and if Mr. Cooger doesn’t survive (it’s a near thing for him, we haven’t saved him yet, we’ll try again now) but if he doesn’t make it, Jim, how would you like to be partners? I’ll grow you to a fine strong age, eh? Twenty two? twenty five?. Dark and Nightshade, Nightshade and Dark, sweet lovely names for such as we with such as the side shows to run around the world! What say, Jim?

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