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Technically speaking, Chrono Cross should not appear in the Square-Enix category, as it was released in August, 2000 on the Sony PlayStation by Squaresoft. So as not to confused matters further, we have decided to put our Chrono Cross (and indeed other Squaresoft titles) within the Square-Enix category.

Chrono Cross Box Art / CoverChrono Cross can be seen more as a follow up to Chrono Trigger than a direct sequel; a barely known sequel for Chrono Trigger was released in Japan. The name of which was Radical Dreamers, though Final Fantasy Net is unlikely to cover this title in any depth. Elements of Radical Dreamers were moved on to the PlayStation release of Chrono Cross, though there was so many differences that it can hardly be termed an absolute re-make. Similarities were a similar character grouping and plot.

Chrono Cross sold well in the United States on its release (well, at least to expectations), though it’s Japanese release was deemed strikingly low. As a result, it is quite probable that there may be no further releases in the Chrono series.

We will soon release story and character pages for Chrono Cross; please check back soon.

Release Date: August 15, 2000.