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Since it’s 1995 release, Chrono Trigger has enjoyed massive critical acclaim and fan support. This is in so small part due to the innovations the game boasted. Multiple endings as are now common-place in games such as , were, before Chrono Trigger, unheard of. The storyline too was of Final Fantasy-esque quality and depth; the character development was arguably even stronger than that of some of its Final Fantasy siblings.

Chrono Trigger Box Art / CoverSo, already a pretty quality game? Couple the revolutionary aspects of Chrono Trigger with the fully optimised power of the Super Ninteno Entertainment System (SNES) in terms of graphics, and you have what is now undoubtedly an all-time classic role-playing game.

Chrono Trigger was by no means faultless, and it’s Biblical references were, at times, a little hard to swallow, but the game can certainly still be appreciated today. The game is available on the PlayStation coupled with Final Fantasy II under the name “Final Fantasy Chronicles”. Buy it.