Drakengard Logo

Drakengard, which is known as Drag-on Dragoon in Japan, is another relatively recent addition to the Square-Enix Action/Role-playing game collection. Released in the US in March, 2004 and in Europe on December 31, 2004, Drakengard is a kind of hybrid of Dynasty Warriors and Panzer Dragoon but whether it captures the essence of either of the titles is a matter of opinion.

Drakengard Box Art / CoverThe game style, as was mentioned earlier, is mainly action with hints of RPG. It’s a bit thuggish at times, so hardcore RPG players (which we realise most of you probably are) might be put off may be put off by this.

Drakengard makes up for it’s action sides, to some degree, with the fantasy elements it introduces. An example of this is the merging of souls between humans and animals which is a notable part of the game. Furthermore, there are numerous mythical creatures such as goblins and dragons, which will no-doubt keep our fantastical readers satisfied.

The story line is what really makes Drakengard a good game, however. Caim, our main protagonist, has a number of interesting characteristics. One of the most interesting of these is his ability to summon a red dragon at the drop of a hat, though one will be forced to restrict ones use of the dragon due to the fact that Caim will not level up his weapons while the dragon is at play (though the dragon does strenghten).

Overall it’s a good game. It’s even a very good game. There are a few things which let it down (as aforementioned) which do actually prevent it being a great game (in my eyes atleast), but don’t be put off — it’s certainly at least worth renting!

Release Date: March 2, 2004.