After Sora locks the Hollow Bastion Keyhole, a hidden boss is opened up in Agrabah. Fly to Agrabah, and disembark at Alladins House. The Magic Carpet has returned again, this time only it looks like it is in Distress. Agree to ride it and it will take you the the Desert Showdown.


Fill Sora’s Item Slots with Megalixirs Only! Go to Transverse town and Synthesize them if you have to, but make sure you have a lot of Megalixirs. Customize your Quick Magic with Thundaga, Aeroga, and Curaga.

Kurt Zisa

1500 HP — 20,000 EXP

At the start of the battle, cast Aergoa on yourself, and make sure to do this quickly! Kurt Zisa is Invulnerable for the time being and it casts a spell that disables all your magic. To get your Magic back, attack the two orbs it is holding in its hands. When they are destroyed, the Creature will drop tons of HP Balls and fall to the ground. Lock onto its head and Bash it until it gets up again.

After it rises up, prepare for its second form of attack. It creates a Protective Barrier and the HP meter that is currently up is the HP of the Barrier. Only Magic Can break this Barrier. Make sure you stay near this Creature because as you do damage to it, it drops MP balls. Cast Thundaga to damage it a lot and also cast Aeroga as each time you bump into it, the creature will take some damage.

When the barrier is defeated, it falls to the ground and go in and smash Kurt Zisa’s head. After this, he will stand back up and start over again with the two orbs that disable your magic. He will continue using the same strategy pattern until you kill him.