This Mini Game is very rewarding and you should play it to get some really good items that can help you out. Read below for more information.

Basic Information

In Order to Access this Mini Game, you must lock the keyhole in Deep Jungle. Return to the Tunnel Area in Deep Jungle to access this Mini Game.

The Objective of this Mini Game is to Grab all the Fruit on each Course without taking the Wrong path or missing a fruit. If you take the wrong path or miss a piece of fruit, then quickly hit START and click Restart to try the Mini Game again. For winning each course, you get an Item. After winning all the prizes you can try to break your record. Below are the Guides on how to complete each Jungle Slider Course.

Course 1, Green Serpent

This Course is the same one that you had to slide down the First Time you entered Deep Jungle. Collect all 10 fruits to obtain an AP Up. Stay to the left when the branch forks.

Course 2, Splash Tunnel

Navigate through the Cave by steering around the Stalagmites, and watch for the last piece of fruit which is on the right all by itself. Collect all 10 fruits here to obtain a Orichalcum. Stay to the left when the path forks again.

Course 3, Jade Spiral

This is probably the easiest Course but still make sure that you keep to the right this time when the path forks. Collect all 10 fruits here to obtain a Megalixir.

Course 4, Panic Falls

Collect all 10 pieces of fruit here to receive a Defense Up. When the Tree branch splits, take the left fork yet again to move onto the last course.

Course 5, Shadow Cavern

This is probably the toughest course to complete because of the intense speed and all of the curves. Collect all the fruit here to receive a Power Up, and you have completed the Jungle Slider Mini Game.