Rare Truffle’s are White Mushroom Like Heartless that just jump everywhere. They don’t hurt you at all and actually give you a rare item if you can help them… Read more Below.

Rare Truffle Information

The Rare Truffle like to jump, and I mean Jump. They get to the highest place and just jump off, as they like heights as well. This should provide a clue to all of you that they want to stay up in the air for as long as possible. I am suggesting to remove Sora’s Aerial Sweep Ability before you start ‘The Hunt’ as this messes your attack up..

When you find an area with these little Blue Guys, choose one and let it hit the ground Before you hit it. As soon as it hits the ground, attack it and get underneath of the little guy. At a Steady Rate, Press Jump then Attack to keep the little Guy up in the air. This might take some time to master, but it is rewarding when you do. On Occasion, the Rare Truffle will drop an Item as a result of a Successful Juggle.

You Can Also Cast Aeroga on Sora and have the Rare Truffle bounce on the shield. Just make sure that you recast the spell every 20 to 25 bounces, or the shield will wear off, making the guy fall and vanish. You can also practice at the Olympus Coliseum. Enter the Hercules Cup and practice Juggling on the Rare Truffles There. If one Hits the Ground hit the START Button and then click Restart.
# of Times Hit in the Air Prize you Recieve
10 – Mystery Goo (40% Chance), Elixir
50 – Mystery Goo, Elixir, Shiitake Rank
100 – Mystery Goo, Megalixir, Mastsutake Rank

Rare Truffle Appearance Locations

Halloween Town: Bridge
Neverland: Ship’s Deck
Olympus Coliseum: Hercules Cup, 6th Seed
Olympus Coliseum: Hades Cup, 46th Seed
End of the World: Linked Worlds
Monstro: Throat