White Mushrooms are useful little fellows who are not that evil at all – in fact they are quite nice. To learn more about these little guys, read below.

White Mushrooms Basic Information

White Mushrooms are harmless little fellows that like to play Charades. If you play the game right, they will reward you with valuable items.

The Basic Concept of Winning is to cast spells on the White Mushrooms. They will give you hints on what spell to cast on them. If you cast the Correct spell, then a little Chime Will Sound and they will clap their hands together. If you get it wrong, then they will stop gesturing and shake their fist at you and vanish.

The Table Below shows what spell to cast when the White Mushroom is doing each Gesture.
Gesture – Spell
Shivers as if Cold – Fire
Fans itself as if Hot – Blizzard
Light appears overhead – Thunder
Falls on Ground – Cure
Spins in Place – Aero
Stops moving completely – Stop
Floats off the ground – Gravity

White Mushroom Items

If you cast the same spell on the White Mushroom 3 Times in a Row, then it will drop a Spell Art Item. After obtaining all the spell art Items, you are in for a real treat. Go to Traverse Town and head towards Merlin’s House. Speak to Merlin and he will give you Goofy’s Dream Shield!

If you want to obtain the Spell Arts, then wait for the first spell to be cast again. For Example, if you cast Fire on the White Mushroom on the First Spell, then wait until the White Mushroom Shivers again. Do this one more time and the Fire Spell Art is Yours! This applies to all the Spell Arts as well.

Mystery Goo

Even after you get all the Spell Arts, there is still a good reason to cast the same three spells in a row. The White Mushrooms will drop something called Mystery Goo. It is a valuable material that is used for Synthesizing some of the best abilities in the game.

White Mushroom Appearance Locations

Traverse Town: Red Room (Until Traverse Town’s Battle LV Changes)
Deep Jungle: Camp
Deep Jungle: Tree House
Halloween Town: Graveyard
Olympus Coliseum: Hades Cup, 6th Seed
End of the World: Linked Worlds
Atlantica: Sunken Ship and Undersea Cave
Agrabah: Treasure Room
Wonderland: Lotus Forest