There are 10 Postcards in Traverse Town. You Should be able to collect most of them the first time that you come to Traverse Town, and you should of Collected them all by the time Geppetto’s House has appeared. To Mail the Postcard, go to the First District and you should see a little mail box to the right of the stairs if you are where the gates are.

Post Card Locations

Card – Location
1 – Activate the Blue Trinity in front of the cafe (First District)
2 – Open the blue safe located behind the counter of the room near the door that leads to the Second District (First District)
3 – Use High Jump to reach the chest on top of the awning of the “Boots & Shoes” shop (Second District)
4 – Attack the fan in the Item Shop by jumping on the counter (First District)
5 – Use High Jump to reach the chest on top of the Accessory shop (First District)
6 – Examine the pot in the left corner of Geppetto’s House (First District)
7-8 – Use Thunder on the cords that are sticking out at the Third District, then go into the Gizmo Shop. Then step on all three square buttons and check the clock in the Second District for these two postcards (Second District)
9 – Activate the Green Trinity to reach the second floor and examine the sign board to the left of the fireplace.
10 – After defeating Guard Armor, go through the Gizmo Shop and exit through the back. Climb the ladder and jump across the roofs of the houses and through the hole to the Third District. You will find the last postcard on that balcony (Third District)

Postcard Prizes

Send Postcard – Receiving Item
1 – Cottage
2 – Mythril Shard
3 – Mega-Potion
4 – Mega-Ether
5 – Mythril
6 – Elixir
7 – Megalixir
8 – Orichalcum
9 – Defense Up
10 – Power Up