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Radiata Stories is an RPG available exclusively on the PlayStation 2. It became available in the United States on September 6, 2005, but there has been no release information for Europe (yet). Not one of the most famous of recent Square-Enix RPGs, Radiata Stories has received a fair amount of critical acclaim. It has certainly achieved a better review than it’s mediocre cousin Romancing SaGa.

Radiata Stories Box Art / CoverThis success may be due in part to the fact that this title is the first in the Radiata series, and is thus something fresh and new. The game is not a revolutionary one that expands on the epic RPG genre, but it never pretends to be.

Graphically, Radiata Stories is a joy to perceive; the environments are mapped out carefully and are crisp and fresh. The character design is flawed but still pretty good, there is certainly nothing to complain too heavily about.

Another huge positive about Radiata Stories is that you can obtain a host of interesting characters to join your main character, Jack Russell (presumably dog connotations are deliberate) in battle. Unfortunately, however, these characters are AI-controlled, which lessens the ‘RPG-factor’ and is one of the most disappointing aspects of the game.

Infact, overall the battles are the weak element of Radiata Stories; not only are you in control of Jack alone, but your actions tend to be rather random and tedious. This one certainly has those ‘button-basher’ moments.

Overall, however, the fun story and sharp humor makes Radiata Stories a solid addition to the Square-Enix trophy cabinet. It’s not Final Fantasy VII, but nothing is. Fans of Kingdom Hearts should enjoy the game a great deal.

Release Date: September 6, 2005.