Staff, I tell you, staff!

Alex SainsI am deeply apologetic for having failed in keeping you, dear readers, abreast of the latest goings-ons at Final Fantasy Net!

We had a little bug with our .htaccess which prevented my adding certain things, but rest assured that this slight problem has been remedied.

As the topic of this news article suggests, FFNet has recently acquired the services of two fine writers to work on reviews and walkthroughs as well as various other snipets of content. We’re very happy to welcome Mat and Richard, whose profiles can be found on the staff page.

Let’s just hope they’re active, unlike some people (mentioning no names – Chris!) – I am sure they will be.

We’ve also added some stuff to the Dirge of Cerberus section and the Final Fantasy VIII section.

All for now, I shall post some news soon to let you know about developments with one of our close affiliates, as well as any pages added in that time.

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