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  • Our topsite requires that our users use the code provided (unedited). We use the topsite code slightly differently from others so that it points to our home page. This is for two main reasons:
    1. We do not use the ‘vote page’ Aardvark topsite provides, as we believe that voting can be easily manipulated and carries little value to your site.
    2. Thusly, we feel that rather than waste the link from your site, it would be more effective to point it to our home page. It is to our benefit to use the main page, because that is the page that we actively seek to promote.
  • It should be noted that linking to main page will not in anyway damage your ranking within the topsite list, or have any other negative effect on your Web site. (If you would like to know more about this technique, please feel free to contact me.)
  • Using methods such as surf programs to artificially boost your unique traffic is frowned apon, and after warning your account may be suspended and/or removed.
  • Tampering or otherwise [trying to] negatively effect another, rival, topsite member may result in removal.
  • Your site may be removed without notice if we believe that your site is inappropriate for our topsite list.

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