The 21 United Democratic Front members in the council had

The nest isn’t going to be emptied; it’s going to be redecorated. Cleaned out. Updated. “They surprised a lot of us. A lot of the boys out there after the first period were like, ‘oh man, we gotta get going.'”Any ambitions of keeping up with the Huskies during game 2 were quickly erased as Kevin Petovello got the Huskies on the board early and unassisted in the first period.The flow of goals couldn’t be turned off. Petovello had four, while Kane Dawe and Derek Klassen each registered a hat trick, Rob Stuckey had two, and Simon Nugent,Andrew Pettitt,Tyrell Hope and Ted Stephens all scored one apiece to lift the Huskies 16 1 over the Braves.The Braves only goal game from Creighton 5:48 into the second period.

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