The album marked a departure in Fall Out Boy’s sound in which

In the wake of the band’s multiplatinum success, the “especially extroverted” Wentz became the most publicly visible member of the band.[16][21] He confided to the press his suicide attempt and nude photos of the bassist appeared on the Internet in 2006.[21] He gained additional exposure through his clothing line, his Decaydance record label (an imprint of Fueled by Ramen), and eventually a celebrity relationship with pop singer Ashlee Simpson, which made the two tabloid fixtures in the United States.[16][21][24] Due to its increased success from the group’s MTV Video Music Award, the group headlined the Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour, a pop punk event that featured The All American Rejects, Well Known Secret, Hawthorne Heights, and From First to Last. The tour also featured The Hush Sound for half of the tour and October Fall for half. The album marked a departure in Fall Out Boy’s sound in which the band implemented a diverse array of musical styles including funk, flamenco.[26][28] As reported by Billboard, Fall Out Boy “drifts further from its hardcore punk roots to write increasingly accessible pop tunes”, a slight departure from the group’s previous more pop punk sound predominant on their 2003 effort, Take This to Your Grave.[29].

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