“The annual cost per person in the country of funding the head

I knew that I had to head first to Coddingtown. But I also knew that I couldn’t just stroll into the office wielding an arcane artifact from over 20 years ago, demanding an explanation. Therefore, I prepared myself as best I could. Three of the era’s biggest acts hit the road on a small club tour to rave reviews, but First Avenue was the high point as each crew wanted to out rock each other in the house that Prince built. The Fugees headlined, and it just as “Killing Me Softly” was about to repeat on pop radio. This was Lauryn Hill at her best.

kitchenware ON a recent morning, royal courtiers, brows furrowed, escorted a reporter to the top of Buckingham Palace to point out some troubling disrepair: cracks scarring part of the palace’s yellow, chalky facade, where a shoebox sized chunk of stone had toppled from the roof, narrowly missing Princess Anne’s car, and myriad tiles needing replacement. Alas, the House of Windsor, just like any other family down the street, is also struggling with a leaky roof.At an earlier news conference, Queen Elizabeth II’s accountant, Sir Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse, pleaded with the British government for an extra 1 million a year, or about $2 million, to help fix the Windsors’ roof. “The annual cost per person in the country of funding the head of state amounts to 62 pence,” he said, somewhat apologetically. kitchenware

fondant tools To the basic furnishings of decks, pools and a pair of lounge chairs, people are adding fountains, waterfalls or ponds, statues or other garden art. Lavish plantings add color, texture and fragrance. Highway 441 in Eustis. Aug. 1: Singer Ramblin Jack Elliott is 84. Blues singer musician Robert Cray is 62. fondant tools

cake decorations supplier The Ice Castles are scheduled to stay open through Feb. 20 (weather permitting). If Midway stays cold, they could stay open beyond that. Second Street and also driving backwards toward the squad car on Lincoln Street. Ditty told an officer he was driving recklessly because he was mad about striking a utility pole near his driveway. Hoagenson, 23 cake decorations supplier, Black River Falls, was cited for non registration of auto following a traffic stop on Melrose Street near S. cake decorations supplier

plastic mould Lift the flattened dough, turn over, and press down into the mold. If necessary, spread the dough with your fingers so the entire cavity is filled. Flatten the dough a little by pressing down on it with your palm, and then brush flour over the top. MASONS: Apollo King Solomon Masonic Lodge 13 F. At the Troy Masonic Community Center http://www.cq-mould.com/, 39 Brunswick Road. After the brief meeting the officers and members will travel to Clinton Masonic Lodge 140 F. plastic mould

silicone mould Central Medical Magnet High School’s Davion Smith re enacts signing his letter of intent for McMurry University during Wednesday’s national signing day ceremony. Players gathered with coaches, students, staff, family and friends in the gymnasium for the symbolic signing event, at which they joined the scores of high school athletes across the country officially committing to their college offers. Refreshments were enjoyed at the many tables decorated with their college colors and logos silicone mould.

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