The basic thrust of the economic approach is to use resources

In this new avenue of research the science doesnt say a whole lot yet. its only just started to ask the question, the question being, paraphrased, “is there potential harm here to plankton from particulates in the very top most layer?”. there’s already been questions asked about the micro plastics we flush into the water daily (espcially the new fad of plastic microbeads in soaps) that can make it through water treatment plants into the rivers or lakes or oceans, and evidence found that they can buildup in and eventually block fish gills. so this is then related to that line of thinking, but is a new question itself. and it’s a good question because plankton is one of the most important (if not THE most important) classes of life on Earth. its the very first link in the food chain for a majority of life on Earth. Further its also the primary producer of oxygen, both atmospheric and water dissolved, which is fairly important too.

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Replica Handbags People such as Al Gore have tried to used the “the science is settled” line not only to avoid debate on the science, but also to imply that the political solution is settled, and it just happens to be the solution he has been promoting (and growing rich from, too, by the way). But just as we laymen would be wise to continue to defer to scientists on the science, scientists would be wise to defer to economists on the solution. And amongst economists, there is probably as large a “consensus” that efforts such as the Kyoto treaty are an incredibly inefficient use of the world’s resources as there is among scientists that climate change is occuring and that a dangerous level of warming is inevitable if CO2 emissions are not radically reduced in a very short time frame. The basic thrust of the economic approach is to use resources where they will have a greater effect, such as in providing the world with clean water. Economic progress and improved technology will make it easier to combat warming over time, and the reality, of course, is that there are huge fortunes to be made by, and therefore huge incentives for, solving the “problem” of global warming. In the meantime, adaptation which man has long done with nature plays an important role as a much more efficient use of resources to deal with the issue Replica Handbags.

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