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While Germans may worry about Sushi imported from Japan, some of the country’s wild game and mushrooms pose a far greater radiation risk, showing the long lasting effects of contamination from the Chornobyl nuclear accident. (Matthias Schrader/Associated Press)The important thing about iodine 131 is that it has a half life of eight days, which means it loses half its deadly load every eight days, which means in several weeks its threat reduces to a miniscule level.Walter Toews says a shipment of sweet potatoes from Japan showed up in Thailand after the accident and was destroyed. They didn’t have to be destroyed, he said.

replica ray ban sunglasses Next week’s election provides a backdrop to issues that are before local government boards in the coming days. Here’s a recap of some discussions citizens may want to monitor this week:+ Two issues the eight candidates for four Marco Island City Council seats have considered are a proposed public private agreement for a development and alleviating the island’s parking crunch. A proposed hotel adjacent to VeteransCommunity Park would tap into development credits gained from the park to enable the project to become more intensive; in turn, the city could receive money from the developer for park improvements. replica ray ban sunglasses

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cheap ray bans Evidence from ecological studies shows that national asbestos consumption, reported as average per capita asbestos use, predicts the incidence of asbestos related diseases in different populations.12 However, comparing asbestos use and asbestos related disease burden between countries is difficult due to differences in national reporting of such diseases. For example, a 2014 study on asbestos use and asbestos related diseases in the WHO European Region reported that countries that have banned asbestos reported more asbestos related deaths, compared to those that have not.12 The difference in reporting is most likely due to misdiagnosis and underreporting of asbestos related diseases in the latter group of countries.12 In addition, insufficient knowledge about asbestos related diseases, lack of information cheap ray bans on the negative health effects of past exposure to asbestos, lack of motivation and fear of the consequences of reporting by former workers, as well as lack of specialized knowledge among treating physicians, may constitute reasons for underreporting in countries that have not banned asbestos use. Most cases of mesothelioma are found in low and middle income countries that use asbestos containing products, which are also the same countries where affected populations are less likely to have access to diagnostic tests and regular health care.13 In this paper, we present the Polish experience in implementing a prophylactic medical examination programme for asbestos exposed workers cheap ray bans.