The test came back a match, according to a letter from the

25 (sans Santa) Red Bottom Shoes, 26 and 27. 972 503 4258. To noon Saturday at the Coppell Farmers Market Louboutin Shoes Sale, in the public square at 768 W. There he built the hotel now known as “The Murder Castle.” Just blocks from the site of the 1893 World’s Fair, it was like something out of a Vincent Price movie.Holmes equipped it with secret tunnels and staircases, gas chambers, a lynching parlor, a stretching rack, and rooms with blowtorches on the walls.”A psychopath with no remorse or guilt,” Mudgett said of his ancestor.Holmes killed mostly young women who came to work for him or to stay at the hotel. He took out insurance policies on them before they died.But in the years before Holmes opened his hotel, Potts and Mudgett say, there was a period for which Holmes’ whereabouts were unaccounted: the fall of 1888, when five prostitutes were found murdered on the streets of London’s East End.Potts said he began linking the two after seeing similarities between the police sketch of the Ripper and photos of Holmes Red Bottoms Sneakers, especially the bumpy nose, heavily lidded eyes and handlebar mustache.”I’m just a guy who sees the situation, matches things up, and gets into the people, places and legends,” said Potts, 54, a former councilman in Mohnton Borough, Pennsylvania.He enlisted a British handwriting expert to compare Mudgett’s script with letters said to have been written by the Ripper to London media. The test came back a match, according to a letter from the analyst.

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