The two bargaining units the International Association of

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Hermes Replica The members voted 1,119 to 1,037 to approve the contract, which takes effect Monday.The agreement calls for an estimated 140 job cuts from the nearly 2,800 member union, but it protects some commercial engine work in Middletown, provides for a new manufacturing unit, and delays for one year medical cost increases.The vote was close, and some workers expressed surprise at the outcome, saying they thought a strike would have gotten them a better deal. The two bargaining units the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Locals 1746 and 700 and staff of the Machinists District 26 recommended against ratification.Hundreds of union members left right after the vote instead of sticking around to hear the results from their leadership, who counted ballots on the stage at the Oakdale Theater.After less than a hour of tabulating ballots, the dozens of union members who were present realized the vote would be to accept the deal, against the recommendations of local and district representatives.Mike Stone, assistant directing business representative for District 26, said he thought that workers approving the contract probably “saw enough movement from the company to preserve [jobs].”He held out hope for even the 140 job cuts allowed under the new contract.”We have an opportunity, if we pursue the company and push hard, to save all the jobs,” Stone said in an interview. “But there was no commitment from the company that 100 percent of them would be saved.”The real proof, he said, is what the union looks like the next time around Hermes Replica.

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