Then we have the copious examples where a range of taxes have

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cheap christian louboutin The same experience was found in the United Kingdom when Nigel Lawson cut taxes and HM Treasury saw the revenue increase.Then we have the copious examples where a range of taxes have been raised and revenues have almost immediately fallen a disposition that is even more likely in today digital age due to the ease in which investments and earnings can be moved into different Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, more beneficial tax jurisdictions.Now that the SNP Government has control of so many taxes in Christian Louboutin UK Shoes Cheap Christian Louboutin UK Shoes, not just in number but in depth and technicality, it has to confront itself with the reality what happens if revenues fall because it has raised taxes?What happens when businesses move their investments to the rest of the UK because the returns are better there? What if bright, entrepreneurial that create jobs (and thus more tax revenues from the new salaries) decide not to locate to? What if decide not to buy or sell properties but instead sit on their hands and instead convert their garage into another bedroom rather than move?All of these unintended but entirely rational and legitimate consequences can and will follow from an SNP Government that believes it can simply raise taxes to cover the shortfall in its own mismanagement of public spending.Indeed the evidence of revenues suggests that are already making decisions about business investment and property purchases that is hitting tax revenues and in time the same will no doubt be found about those high earners that decide to relocate to more attractive tax jurisdictions in the UK than.It is not enough to say that everything would be different if only was independent because what we are seeing is that the SNP (and indeed Labour Cheap Christian Louboutin UK, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens) would all seek to raise taxes if were independent.The only party advocating cutting taxes (modestly, I admit, but cutting them nonetheless) is the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, a party that might not initially fare too well in an independent first elections.It naturally follows that the approach taken by the SNP now, which is the only genuine range of measures we can rely upon to judge that party behaviour, shows that it does not understand what its own former leading light, Andrew Wilson, has been saying about how to grow the tax revenues.Wilson, who has been appointed by Nicola Sturgeon as head of her party Growth Commission, believes that the best way to grow the tax revenues generated by the wealthiest earners is not to tax them more, but to attract more of them to pay their taxes in.What this means is that the decision has to be taken to make more, not less attractive to these high rollers.To do this means cutting the taxes or raising the starting thresholds for high tax bands or a blend of both. For the SNP to take such a policy initiative would be as refreshing as it would be a complete repudiation of everything that Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers now stand for.I have to agree with Andrew Wilson argument. The SNP badly needs Wilson back on its benches and taking the role of the innocent ing that is Derek Mackay, so that we can grow the Scottish and thus the tax revenues.That this will not happen tells us everything about the black hole in Mackay budget and the economic case for independence cheap christian louboutin.

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