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Fertility Clinic

Welcome to our community.

Services provided:
– Tests and diagnosis of delayed reproduction, and treatment of causes (laparoscopes, diagnostic and therapeutic womboscopes, artificial insemination and infertility)

– Pregnancy follow-up and early diagnosis of various diseases In addition to the early diagnosis of congenital defects and deformities – follow-up, selection and application of appropriate means for each woman to prevent – attention to women’s health at all levels Age, as well as the best methods of early detection of tumors (such as cervical cancer or endometrium).

We are also happy to receive any suggestions or questions related to gynecology, obstetrics or procreation, We invite you to join us on Google page
Maadi Fertility Clinic- We receive your calls on 01002592250 every day from 9am to 11pm.

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Mecca Trust General Contracting offers the offer of the bride: –
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and offers discounts from Makkah Trust General Contracting by offering units Residential area in the new Nozha 2 in front of Hisham Barakat metro station with a 30% discount for the Kash at an exclusive price 120 thousand pounds cash instead of 165 thousand pounds and for a limited time take the opportunity now the apartment is 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom kitchen two pieces of 150 m (this offer is valid on The roles of 12, 13 and 14, while the rest of the roles are priced at 165 a thousand). There are 5 installment systems over two years starting from 50 thousand according to the area with the availability of 90 m – 100 m -110 m -120 m -130 m -140 m -1 150 m -160 m -170 m – 180 m – 200 m immediate delivery Delivery on the brick (with the possibility of finishing In 30 days at a price lower than the market price

Land registered real estate month with contracts of ownership sequence for the view and the contract of the apartment includes a share of the land of the tower

Balnzha new apartment with old age partner Address: Street Bridge Sousse Birti Station Hermes Replica Belts near the Banque Misr and Bavaria Company. Availability: – – Earthquake-resistant foundations – Modern anti-sun and rain destinations – Marble entrances – Elevators – International brands (2) Asancir in each building

– Central shower and intercom – wide streets 15 m – 17 m

security and guard
and the big surprise There are five payment systems at the price of cash with Mecca Trust apartment for every budget
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Choose your apartment from 14 unique residential tower Design
For reservations and inquiries: 01063847882/01123446789 Engineer / Ahmed Abdalla
Engineer responsible Hermes Replica.

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