(They may be regrouped and gathered
House to become the

And the memory of the life of the hearts:

(One may care one day after his disappearance – and the ignorant judge the days and the roads) (and science blindness of the heart of the owner of the same as the darkness of the darkness shows the moon) The hearts as well as the life of the country if the rain dies. (The male does not do a hard heart ever.) And is he lenient to say the preacher? The stone is a bridge for those who walk on foot to the things that fear and wait. (They may be regrouped and gathered
House to become the Bedouins and the urban
((soon to be worn if differed days on the lack of sparks and dawn) (and every house ruined after his grandmother
and behind the young death and grandeur < br> (Bina sees the branch of DNA in Arum

– In the level of floods and the remains of the water on the water of the house of Asa Madr (to the courtyard and if the safety of their lives – the fate of all the sons of a mother and that they are many) (and someone who lived in this world has hope
If the travel of them came travel It has a non-permanent sweetness of life, and the consequences of it are bitter and patient.

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Living and dead

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of the digging of fire * * * Oh God we are ??? ?? ?? ??? ?????? *
* I am seeking your enemies from the evil of the world *
* God help you from the evil of the world * * Oh God, the strength of our faith and the unity of our word | > * Oh God, you have separated them and make the circle on them * * * Oh God, support our Muslim brothers everywhere * * * God mercy our fathers and mothers and forgive them * * and overcome their sins and enter them in the spacious gardens *
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