This awoke a slumbering dog (I warned you about that dog theme)

And they kicked straight 9.1 at one point.Collingwood dragged one of their talls to the bench in the second term and funnelled their attack through Alex Fasolo. He booted three goals the third term and helped Collingwood to recover the lead. Adam Treloar goaled for the first of the second half to give Collingwood a lead but it proved short lived.This awoke a slumbering dog (I warned you about that dog theme) and with Marcus Bontempelli quiet in the main moved forward, he had a hand in goals and quelling the Magpie rally.They spread Collingwood’s defence and outran them through the middle.

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Goyard Replica Now that’s titillating! Lisa Appleton flaunts her newly reduced breasts in VERY revealing Christmas costumeWARNING: Explicit content16:38, 10 DEC 2017Updated08:42, 11 DEC 2017(Image: Aaron Parfitt) In fact, she boldly showcased her newly reduced breasts, which were recently lessened with reduction surgery. And she’s clearly happy with the results.How do you like them apples? Lisa Appleton reveals new and reduced boobs with celebratory woodland photoshootClearly hoping to make an impact, she sported a black leather skirt while teaming it with the standard red and white Santa suit.Except, rather than wear it open or low cut, she simply tied the front in a knot and exposed her breasts, which were left to dangle free.Flaunting her assets, she didn’t forget the basic rules of fashion and accessorised her bizarre look with a matching hat.Speaking to The Sun about the recent op, she said: “I had liposuction and contouring as one of my boobs was two cups sizes bigger than the other due to weight gain and then weight loss. And age!”My boobies are more matched now before my cup sizes one boob was a double FF and the other double EE now they both double EE!”She’s on the naughty list! Naked Bex Shiner flaunts bare BOOBS in bizarre x rated Christmas strip teaseNot wanting to stop there, though, she’s keen to get back under the knife in time for her 50th birthday next year, telling the publication she’s contemplating implants to perk them up “round her chin”.The lady is no stranger to a plastic procedure, recently spending on work including liposuction, having fat removed from her eyelids and a face and neck lift.To be fair, the star is giving Bex Shiner a run for her money in the quirky photoshoot phase.Still, Lisa is the reigning champion of weird photocalls, after last month filming her own I’m A Celebrity bushtucker challenge at her local pet shop.How the attendants let her loose with a giant spider, we’ll never know, but it did make for hilarious viewing Goyard Replica.

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