Translation Convention: When Petruchio greets Hortensio in

There was a good tumblr post all about how Rose and Dave worlds were basically engineered to piss them off, and while Dave sort of went with it Rose didn go with it at all. Rose world is supposed to be magic fairy wonderful land (Dave already did some remarks on it), because Rose breakdown was as much of a part of her quest as anything else, and Dave big macho hero land combined with Bro big heroic death (and the very, very mixed emotions that this must have caused Dave) was intentionally designed to fuck with his head.Jade own heroic journey was sort of similar, in the sense that it was all about her being thrown into this world where she wasn as relevant and special as she thought she was. Her relationship with Karkat was actually a really big part of this.

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Replica Hermes Birkin Eldritch Abomination: The Trickster. Evil Is Hammy: The Nightmare Man, in the episode of the same name. Ruby in “Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith” and Androvax also fit. Yil’s the best at it, though. Suicide Pact: In two separate outtakes, Yil, Thran, Uncle Rick and Holois kill each other after each gives a speech about how hard their life is, always ending in something ridiculous. Tournament Arc: contains a tournament for a few chapters, and is actually made up of two tournament arcs back to back. Translation Convention: When Petruchio greets Hortensio in Italian, Grumio thinks he’s speaking Latin. Two Plus Torture Equals Five: For a very mild form of torture, anyway, but Petruchio does withhold food and drink in order to bring Kate to heel. The turning point comes when she submits to him and agrees with his insistence that it’s 7 am and time to go out, when it’s really no later than 2 am Replica Hermes Birkin.

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