Weekend warriors tend to engage in exercise that is more

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Christian Louboutin Shoes That said, this study only examined mortality, meaning the number of people who died during the follow up period,” Parr said.”It doesn’t tell us much about how these activity patterns impact health the way most of us would consider it, from controlling blood pressure, diabetes and blood lipids, to depression and weight control,” he said. “It also doesn’t say anything about fitness, including strength, endurance and flexibility, which is an important reason many people are active.”Additionally, the risk for injury wasn’t assessed in the new study.Weekend warriors tend to engage in exercise that is more intense than what they might do if they exercise regularly. For instance, they tend to play sports, which is what about 94% of the weekend warriors in the new study did for exercise, Parr said.”While this is fine for most people, participating in vigorous, prolonged exercise can lead to a greater risk of injury or soreness later, especially in people who aren’t in good shape to begin with,” Parr said.The American Osteopathic Association even recommends that people not be weekend warriors, in order to prevent sports injuries Christian Louboutin Shoes.

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