We’ll also look at preparedness from a building standpoint

There is nothing much to Eva; it is a simple unisex rendition of a traditional citrus based cologne water, but very nicely done. It starts with crisp, dry citrus, and quickly takes on a nicely dusty pepper note, mingled, I would guess, with some other spice notes that I can’t identify. It settles into pale dry woods underscored with earthy (but not overly so) vetiver..

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Beaches, incidentally, are also some of the few places left which are not optimised for mobile phone use. The sun is too glaring, the sand goes everywhere, and as a result opening Instagram is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s rudimentary for sure, but the old fashioned technology of white pages printed with black ink bound within a cover for folding back while reclining is made for the great outdoors..

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