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Fresno, calif. (Kfsn)

It’s not rare people breaking california state law:Talking and texting when they must be focused on the roads.Action news put two drivers to the test to see just how dangerous might.

“It’s usually in my lap, or throughout the cup holder.I’m not against the always write back, but i it’s really important to see who it is and i always read the text, said highschool senior anicia de la cruz.Teens aren’t a common ones texting Pandora Bracelets Canada and driving.Amy huerta, a young impressive, uses her phone to maintain emails. “I in most cases have my phone in my hand because it’s kind of how you’re doing work, if you’re not sitting your desk, or in your working environment, these huerta.We asked the california highway patrol to set up a driving course to help demonstrate the risks of texting.It didn’t take very long for the cones to start falling.The drivers also drove along with the course using fatal vision goggles to simulate driving while intoxicated.The effects were similar enough to scare both of our drivers. “Texting was tough on the course.Post, where you are actually aware of it, you realize how everywhere we look you are.It definitely forces you to know that, announced huerta.I got driving, effectively, and did no quite as good as either of our volunteers.Huerta and de la cruz said they use their phones more to text while driving than making actual cell message or calls.De la cruz even showed us how she uses her forearms to steer her car so she can drive and text likewise, though she admitted all this was not really safe.Department of hauling reports drivers who use hand held devices are four times more likely to get into a serious accident, serious enough to injure a player.Representative axel reyes said the course shows the risk we all take when we text and drive. “This program, these cones were placed in a pattern of 11 to 12 feet wide, that’s your typical lane.And most of them, even if they did not hit the cone, they came very closed.And marketplace on the freeway, if you have several people doing it, appears, they’re certain to crash, understood reyes.To combat trouble, oprah dedicated an entire episode to families who’ve lost loved ones in accidents involving smartphones.She’s also urged her tv audience to sign a”No phone zone promise, mariposa resident kendra ramirez watched the show and no longer uses her cellular phone while driving. “I was constantly conversing with friends, even texting just passing the time in the vehicle, more or less, had identified ramirez.Ramirez said she would often drive past her vacation spot because she was so distracted.These days, she puts her phone in the backseat so she won’t be tempted to look at the caller’s identity or texting.She even hangs up on her best family, when she hears they’re on the market. “I kind of deducted that it really is an arrogant thing to do.Just some thing can wait.Anything else!Any transmission can wait, described ramirez.Oakhurst small entrepreneur mary dempsey also saw oprah’s show.Really along the lines of ramirez, her phone has a new home in her back burner. “I think it is one distraction that everybody can get rid of and not do.Time spent.A possibility worth killing someone or injuring someone, just to be on the device, claims dempsey.Correct, they hope others in the valley will get what it’s all about.And after running over very cones, our volunteer drivers are also thinking about texting.