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Film director ken loach has spoken out about government cuts which he believes will lead to more people being homeless during launch of julian house charity book shop in bath

Film director ken loach has spoken out about government cuts which he believes will lead to more people being homeless during launch of julian house charity book shop in bath

The man behind classic films such as kes and the wind the shakes the barley theoretically opened the newly re launched julian house bookshop on walcot street.

He said he had huge popularity of the work of the city homelessness charity, but feared they could soon become overrun with clients due to the impacts of the recession and government cuts.

Mr loach stated:Think they are certainly going to have an increased demand on them with the con dem cuts and it will be interesting to discover what the increase will be.

Can be the hat around society.We are a very wealthy country and the concept that it is the poor that have to pay is not acceptable.

Think people either accept it and roll over or deal with the problem, probably through the unions or community organisations, enterprises like this.

The director of julian house ian sutherland said the charity had been lucky with the level of support it received from the people of bath but admitted he was thinking about the future.

He explained:Book shop has been incredibly successful and we are so reliant on the income from our charity shops to provide the services that are now being forced.

People of bath have been incredibly supportive of julian house in the past 20 years.There will be something about bath, people empathise with individuals who’re on hard times.

Economic climate is already affecting charities.We are being well held by the people of bath now and we hope that continues.But your immediate future is unknown.We really don know what’s going to happen.

Mr sutherland said people from all fields found themselves on the streets and that this would increase as the impact of the cuts began to sink in.

He explained:Always http://www.milagrofilms.ca/ have homeless pastimes come from what we would call relatively normal lives.

Who have been around in the armed forces, men who have seen their companies collapse.There is to more of that.

Thing with those who have had a stable life is that if we can get to them very quickly then we can usually get them back on their feet.

The help isn there then they can get really depressed and it is a volitile manner.We will work a lot more on preventing people from becoming homeless now.

The julian house shop has refurbished its book department to improve the layout and look and mr loach said he was afraid of what he had seen.

He explained:Think this book shop is n excellent.I am tempted another again and see if i want anything.

Is an intriguing variety of books and it is well http://www.milagrofilms.ca/bracelets-pandora.html organised.So congratulations to them.

Shop manager lisa bonomini has elevated the second hand book trade for many years and, along with volunteer tim graham and other team, hopes she can offer help and advice to all their potential customers.

She says:Want use a personal touch for our customers, this help or advice, or indicating the volunteer teams of the week

Are very excited to welcome such a superb film director as ken loach to our shop.

Is a great supporter of being homeless issues and also a local person.I excited that he said yes to us.

The shop may be launching its books and coffee late nights on thursday november 11 from 5pm to 8pm.

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What do you have against postmen?That’s twice you have tried them to illustrate a derogatory statement about socialists.

He provides an impressive very valid point does he not?

In spite of everything, i’m sure an exceedingly influential film director such as ken loach, who has undoubtedly educated many and has an undeniable social conscience won’t lose too much sleep over that comment.

It’s getting so much that blame isn’t getting us anywhere, i blame your site, you fault mine.How about preventing travesties for example, impending hatchet job making our situation any worse.This present policy on capping housing benefit doesn’t appear fair or right whichever angle relative it is.